El Presidente’s editorial

by Hans Kristian Lange
Suggested soundtrack: El Viaje de Elliot - Sentiment
  It is not easy being a Valencia fan these days. The doubts are many, and the increasing distance felt between the fans and the club is worrying. Players do not inspire the same joy as they did in the days of el Piojo Lopez, Mendieta, Vicente, Aimar and the others. Maybe it is just a notion. Maybe it is fear of what could come. No matter what happens to the club however, one thing will never change though; our passion and loyalty as fans of this great club!
  On the horizon there is a new trip to Valencia planned for Las Fallas. The trip last year was just amazing, and if you saw the pictures, I am sure you regretted your decision not to join in. Well, no need to despair then - join us now! The board will be around from the 11th of March until the 21st and depending on how many tell us they will join, we will make arrangements to meet up and hopefully get the chance to even more great experiences in collaboration with the club. If you think about joining, do let us know at penya@chescandinavia.com and we can help you look for good solutions if needed, and it gives us the opportunity to plan a better trip for you. The Facebook event is here.
  In this edition you can enjoy the great story of one of the biggest African players ever to put his two feet on a football ground, a true pioneer. You can read about the Paraguayan Lobo Diarte who wrote poems, sang and dribbled the boots off his opponents. We have a piece on Fran Villalba, the great hope of the academy, the new Silva, the wizard. Another diamond comes from Gallego lands, namely Santi Mina, who also have a feature. And whatever you do, do not miss the big discussion about the season so far. It is not titled "The Hateful Five" for nothing. We also fulfill our cultural duty to help make you more familiar with the culture in general and Las Fallas in particular.
  All of this would of course not be possible without our generous paying members who have made an invaluable contribution to this edition of El Chescandinavo. Without your support, there is no web page, no penya and no (hopefully great) articles for you to read. Thank all of you!
  As "presidente", I would also extend my gratitude to our board members who continually sacrifice family time and effort to make it possible. Thank you.
  Finally we at Chescandinavia would like to extend our thanks also to one of our player legends who decided to hang up his boots this week. Carlos Marchena was a true player and later captain during some of the best years this club has experienced. At the same time, we are happy to welcome Vicente Rodriguez back to the club as a coach. AMÚNT! El Presidente