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We at the board would like to welcome you as a new member!

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First of all we encourage you to use our channels to follow the supporter club and our club:

Twitter: @chescandinavia (But also #Chenews #Chenord #SillyChe)

Instagram: @chescandinavia
Penya Chescandinavia's visit at Mestalla, March 2015.
Penya Chescandinavia’s visit at Mestalla, March 2015.
Supporter club information
As some of you might be used to bigger supporter clubs for English teams, we’d like to explain a little bit about Chescandinavia. Our Supporter club is a very small, currently about 85 paying members, so with a modest member fee of 10 euros, the budget is not “Peter Lim”-ish. This membership fee mainly goes into hosting our website, mandatory fees to the club and membership cards.
When it comes to membership cards, this was one of the things our members were missing earlier, so we decided to invest in that. Investing in our own equipment would have been best of course, but there’s a price. This means that we have to order every time we need new cards. The company printing needs minimum 20 cards at a time to accept an order. This means that some times it can take a while before we are able to order for new members. But they will arrive!
There is also another membership card, through the organization for all of Valencia’s fan clubs. These cards are produced every two years. A new print was ordered in March and is waiting for us in the club offices.  This card is the one that gives you % off in Valencia’s physical club shops.
We focus our completely voluntary, non-paid work to provide you, our members, with good information on the club through articles, tweets and facebook updates. Hopefully you find it helps you get just a little bit closer to the club! We are now also working on different ideas for the future to further strengthen this.
Your feedback
We would very much appreciate your feedback on what we could do better, any suggestions you might think would help us or also if you have questions. You can do this through twitter, facebook or to this mail.
Thank you for being a member at Chescandinavia, and know that your fee does go to only the necessary. The portion that goes to the organization for fan clubs finances TIFOs at Mestalla as the one below, so next time you see one – know you are a part of it!


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