The 29th of August 2007, Penya Chescandinavia (hereafter “the penya”) was founded in Borås, Sweden as a fan club of Valencia Club de Futbol. The name of the organization is “PENYA CHESCANDINAVIA”, with it’s seat in Bjärred, Sverige. The organization is international and direct it’s labor mainly towards the Scandinavian countries. The seat is thus in Sweden only of practical reasons.


The Penya is a politically and religiously independent meeting place around Valencia CF who based on a non-profit approach wish to promote Valencia CF among Valencians, Scandinavians and all football and sports interested people, independent of their nationality, and to make Valencia CF more known in the Scandinavian countries, in addition to working for sportive and cultural communication and interchange.



There are two types of paying members, in addition to a non paying type; Adult, family and honorary members. Voting members are those who have paid the membership fee and are of at least 15 years of age. Family members have no right to vote and thus do not have the same rights as adult members. Honorary members are named by the General Assembly. These are persons, businesses or organizations that have benefited the Penya in some way. Nominations of honorary members must be presented in writing to the Penya board who may accept the nomination or pass the decision to the General Assembly.


All that are approved by any member of the Penya can apply for a membership in the Penya. The General Assembly approves all new members. Membership can be cancelled either by request from the member or by not paying the yearly fee, or due to suspension. The board has the mandate to suspend a member who has not paid the membership fee or is responsible for serious harm to the Penya purpose and statutes.




The Penya shall be governed true to these statutes, approved by the General Assembly, as well as the board as representative for the same.


The General Assembly can in it’s character be ordinary or extraordinary. The ordinary General Assembly shall be held once every year, between March 1st and May 31st. The General Assembly should be called at least 15 days in advance, through sending of an agenda where day, time and place of meeting are given. Extraordinary General Assembly shall be held when the board so decides through a vote or through a written requirement from at least 20 members. If it relates to filling of roles that have been left vacant, the list of candidates shall be attached to the call for meeting.


The participants at the General Assembly shall be paying members. To delegate the right to vote, a member must submit this to the board at least seven (7) days before the General Assembly. If at least one (1) member require it, the vote shall be anonymous. All decisions are to be made through a vote.


The Host for the General Assembly shall declare the Assembly open, with a question asking the participants whether the Assembly has been called in accordance with the statutes. One (1) Host, one (1) Secretary and two (2) witnesses shall be suggested to the Assembly and be approved through a vote. When the Assembly is opened, members shall be able to propose treatment of topics which are added to the Agenda under suggestions and questions.


On the agenda, the suggestions made by the board for the same will be listed, along with topics suggested to the Secretary at least one (1) week before the General Assembly.


Suggestions for changing statutes shall be provided the Secretary in writing at list one (1) week before the General Assembly.


The protocol for the General Assembly shall be created by the Secretary and shall include everything that was treated and decided by the Assembly. The protocol, which is public,  shall be signed by the Host, the Secretary and the two Witnesses.

4.8. BOARD

The constellation of the board is made internally as needed or after election through the General Assembly. The board consists of paying members. The board achieves constitution when at least half of the members of the board are present. All decisions are made through a vote, if at least one board member want a anonymous vote, so it shall be. The board shall meet at least Four (4) times a year. Board members must be present at least 60% of scheduled board meetings to be eligible for reelection at the following General Assembly. Meeting minutes shall be prepared by the secretary and be signed by the President or his/her proxy and the protocol responsible.


The General Assembly elects President and at least three (3) members. The Board constitutes between themselves. The candidates shall be proposed by a Election committee consisting of two (2) members elected on the previous Assembly.

The roles to be filled as a minimum is President, Accountant, Secretary and Technical responsible.


The organization’s treasury shall consist of yearly membership fees, gifts, subsidies and other income. The board shall present a proposal for the yearly fee at the Assembly. Among the members not in the board, and for a period of one (1) year select two (2) auditors as controllers of the books. A Financial Year runs from September 1st to August 31st.


The organization can only be resolved by a General Assembly called for that purpose, or if only a minimum of ten (10) members are left as members of the penya. In the event of resolution, the Board shall complete the liquidation of the Organization’s funds which shall be left to the charitable organization connected to the football club Valencia CF: Fundació Valencia Club de Fútbol, with it’s seat in Valencia, Spain.

As decided by the constitutional assembly, signed by

Peter Olsson – Daniel Cervera

Secretary – President

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