There was a dream that was Chescandinavia


During this last week, 10 of our Chescandinavia members have been as fortunate as to have joined me in being part of a true adventure here in Valencia. For me, this week has been energizing and it has shown me a club that is thinking very differently about it’s fans that it has done in the past. For that openness we thank the club, Amadeo Salvo and all the others that have made such a great effort to give us this experience. VCFplay deserves a very special mention.

This week has also taken my thoughts back in time. Back in time to when there was no Chescandinavia, and the journey we have made to get where we are today. In the early 2000s there was no fora, no fan club and rarely any information about Valencia as a club in the nordic press, maybe bar some mentions of players like Carew and Björklund. In Norway, the discussion only found place in one of several thousand discussion threads on a debate forum. In Sweden, Svenskafans was starting to matter. Each had maybe 10 active contributors.

It takes vision, hope and a great deal of passion to transform a wishful thought of a fan club to what Chescandinavia is today. I believe it is important for you to know that people like Daniel Cervera, Pål Ødegård, Joakim Stai, myself and many others have spent countless hours to maintain websites, handle memberships, queries, assisting with tickets, writing newsletters and articles, arranging travels, establishing contacts at the club, negotiating prices, designing web pages and so on. We have all done and do this on a voluntary basis, without pay. My message is: Weeks like the one we have had now does not come for free and can not be taken for granted. 

Any fan club exists for it’s members. But, it is also dependent on the same members to contribute with knowledge, articles, discussions and, of course, a membership fee. All of us at the board want to offer you the best possible fan club for the lowest possible cost.

So, this is a call to join the discussions on Facebook, follow our Twitter account, Instagram account, read and share articles on this website. For those of you that write – we are also looking for more contributors on the website (mail us here!)

Chescandinavia is what we make it together. Unfortunately these days, nothing comes for free, so we are also dependent on having members to enable us to invest in things like Chescandinavia membership cards, the Nordic Che sweaters, website fees, competition prizes, fees to the club etc.

To enable us to continue to give experiences like this one – become a member!

You can also contribute by donating here.



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