General Assembly

While we are already in Valencia for Las Fallas we will also arrange the General Assembly. This is the yearly meeting where members meet to get the current status of the Penya, it’s finances and where any proposals are treated. It is also where the board is approved for another year. We plan to make the meeting attendable also online but will have to come back with the details. The agenda will be:

Attendees: Daniel Cervera, Joakim Stai, Michael Jacobsen, Daniel Jansson, Eirik Strøm Pedersen, Pål Ødegård, Hans Kristian Lange

  • 1 Opening of General Assembly

Hans Kristian Lange opened the General Assembly with 6 present in Valencia and 1 online.

  • 2 Selection of meeting comittee

Moderator: Hans Kristian Lange

Secretary: Joakim Stai

Attestant: Michael Jacobsen

  • 3 Votes

Count of attendees with votes

All the 7 attending have the right to vote at the assembly. As attendance is required and no votes have been delegated, those are all the valid votes.

  • 4 Approval of Agenda

All the attendants approved the agenda.

  • 5 Approval of call for meeting

All the attendants approved the call for meeting was as required by the statutes.

  • 6 Current state of affairs /Planned activities 2015

The Penya have 60 paying members, of which most have paid membership fees for the current season (14/15), while some were extended from the previous season following a board decision. This was due to low activity in 13/14.

The website has seen an increase in the last year and is already 3/4 times visited compared to the best previous year. Chenews has been a success and should be continued. Michael and Hans Kristian will share the main responsibility with the goal of publishing 1-2 per week. Insight articles are also popular and should be increased. Pål, Hans and Michael have the main responsibility.

Member section on web site. This was discussed and decided to investigate. The functionality is already added to the wordpress site and only need configuration. Eirik sets this up. Responsible: Eirik

Competitions and investment in prices. It was proposed and decided by the assembly that we should increase the number of competitions to increase the involvement of members. It was also proposed and decided to invest a small amount in prices. Responsible: Michael

Membership cards. The assembly was informed that a second order was sent out and that we are waiting to reach 30 new to order next round. Agrupación also came with new membership cards, which we can pick up. Responsible: Hans

The success of the new sweaters was discussed and it was decided that we should look into getting more to provide members with something “Chescandinavia”. Pål was to check his contact for the sweaters, Joakim was to check an online store providing the whole package. Responsible: Pål

Travels. Huge success this trip with a lot of publicity. Instagram account popular as well. We should seek to continue that. The assembly recommended to set up a trip also for next Fallas, and a trip during the autumn. Responsible: Hans.

Inviting others to write. This was discussed to up the number of articles on the website. To be followed up. Responsible: Hans to coordinate, all to contribute

Further marketing opportunities: Micael to investigate how we can increase our reach.

  • 7 Financial state

Daniel went through the Financial state in detail. The Penya has a solid financial state with membership fees being the main income, together with some donations. As far as expenses go, there has been investment in sweaters, in membership cards and in prizes. In addition there are some expenses related to running and maintaining the website. The Penya also have a set amount going to the Agrupación de Penyes to hold the status official supporter club.

The President (Chairman), Hans Kristian Lange and the Treasurer, Daniel Cervera have the authority to access bank accounts

  • 8 Approval of accounts 2014

The assembly approved the 2014 accounts.

  • 9 Naming of board

9.1 Re-election of current board members

The current board members Hans Kristian Lange, Pål Ødegård, Daniel Cervera and Eirik Strøm Pedersen were re-elected unanimously by the Assembly.

9.2 Additional members of the board

Michael Jacobsen and Joakim Stai were voted into the board by the Assembly.

  • 10 Approval of new members

All new members were approved by the Assembly.

  • 11 Decision on membership fees

The Assembly decided to maintain the current membership fees for 2015/2016.

  • 12 Topics from members

No topics were raised by members as per the requirements of the statutes.

  • 13 Plan for the next year

This was largely covered in point 6, and the time was used to further detail the action points.

In addition it was discussed which role each member of the board should hold. The following was decided:

President: Hans Kristian Lange

Vice President: Pål Ødegård

Financial Responsible/Treasurer: Daniel Cervera

Marketing Responsible and Secretary: Michael Jacobsen

Website Responsible: Eirik Strøm Pedersen

IT Responsible: Joakim Stai

  • 14 Other Questions

No other questions were raised

  • 15 Meeting concluded

Hans Kristian Lange concluded the General assembly

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