General Assembly 2018

The board of Penya Chescandinavia hereby call for this year’s General Assembly Friday the 16th of March at 20:00 physically in Valencia and online for members not present.


This is the yearly meeting where members meet to get the current status of the Penya, it’s finances and where any proposals are treated. It is also where the board is approved for the coming year. We will share the channel for online participation well in time on our Facebook page.


Members may raise topics for the assembly up until March 9th, submitted as soon as possible to

Note that you may delegate your vote, notifying the board at before the 9th of March with full name of member and full name of delegate.


The agenda will be:


1 Opening of General Assembly (by the president)


2 Selection of meeting comittee




Count of attendees with votes:


Members attending have the right to vote at the assembly. Votes can also be delegated by written approval to with name of member and name of delegate.


4 Approval of Agenda


5 Approval of call for meeting


6 Current state of affairs /Planned activities 2018


7 Financial state


8 Approval of accounts 2017


9 Naming of board

9.1 Re-election of current board members


9.2 Additional members of the board


10 Approval of new members


11 Decision on membership fees



12 Topics prepared by the board members



13 Topics from members


14 Plan for the next year


15 Other Questions


16 Meeting concluded

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