Chescandinavia is preparing a Las Fallas adventure!

We have previously announced that almost the entire board will be present in Valencia for the duration of Las Fallas 15. to the 19. March. Now we would like to share our ambitious plans for the week to make it easier to decide to join us!


The Matches

Valencia will play our arch enemies from La Coruna during the weekend before Las Fallas. It is one of the greatest games to attend at Mestalla and the ambience is often really good. The historic rivalry between the two club’s reached it’s height during the late 90’s and early 00’s when both teams were challenging for titles. Well, Depor lost what would have been their first on the goal line after a late Valencia goal. And, of course, Djukic missed a penalty before transferring to Valencia only weeks later. Coin tossing, arguments between ultras, fights on the pitch….never a dull moment between the two!


And as if that wasn’t enough, or if you can’t make that weekend, Valencia is facing local rivals and friends Elche away the following weekend. The green and white have always had a good relationship with Valencia and most of us know that Carles Gil recently spent several seasons on loan at one of the more interesting home grounds in La Liga.

The city and the local food and drinks

horchata1Many have been in Valencia several times of course, but those few in the board being so lucky as to live down there are the true experts when it comes to getting around and the local food. Joakim and Pål who both spend their days in the world’s best city, will take us on a tour through it’s streets. During the stay we will also sample local specialities such as Paella (no, most likely you haven’t tasted the real thing before, not really, and certainly not if you have been anywhere else in Spain!), Horchata, bunuelos and the world’s best freshly squeezed orange juice at the Mercat Central. We plan at least one common dinner for those travelling and of course at least one gathering at Manolo’s (you know, the one with the drum – el del bombo!).


The Club

paterna--647x300We haven’t landed the exact plans yet (you know, the Spanish are not the most eager to plan months ahead), but a trip to the megastore and it’s sports bar, a visit to the club’s training facilities at Paterna (autograph opportunities!), the “Tour de Mestalla” and a visit to the half baked Nou Mestalla is a given. We are working hard to treat you to something even more exciting!

The festival

26998_388679571432_8198613_nWell of course. There is a reason for going at that particular time! Valencia is rarely more fun, exciting and lovely than during Las Fallas. Walking through the streets you will see some of the most spectacularly crazy art you have ever seen. Every day at 14:00 we will gather to view the Mascleta at Plaza Ayuntamiento. It will literally blow your mind! Every night at 1am there is also fireworks along the Turia river bed. On the 19th Valencians will go “crazy” and burn everything. Most visitors will only be able to see 1 or 2 such burnings. We will guide you to 5 of the best!

All activities are of course voluntary to join in on and you only pay for your own consumption.

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