#Chenews May 8th – Spanish Football Civil War

It has been a lively week in Spanish football despite there being a respite between matches after 3 of them in the space of a week. As Valencia prepare for this weekends “all to win”-match against Real Madrid, we take a look at the current news.

Small injury scares 

When the news came that Valencia’s golden defensive triangle Alves, Otamendi and Mustafi all struggled with injuries after the Eibar match, one started getting nervous. Now though, all three are back in full training and ready to form part of the squad. Nuno’s only doubt for the game against Madrid is said to be whether he should start Andre Gomes or Enzo Pérez.

– Gayá will sign the new contract today

Valencia are certainly without intending to, giving away how they look at the ranks between the players. While some are seen as basic pieces for the future, others are treated with less haste. You know the movie where a guy goes missing and it|s full of thrilling stuff to find him and it turns out he was asleep in the basement all along? Yeah, well that’s how the Gayá story line is to me. Long story short; Valencia is set to finalize the signing of Gayá’s new contract in time to parade him in front of the Bernabeu. Las Provincias reports that the contract will be signed today and be valid until 2020. Buyout clause; the standard 50 million.

The next priority will be to tie down Otamendi with a buyout clause so high that no-one would even consider paying it for a defender. He has set his sights on a much improved contract in the midst of interest from a row of big name clubs.

The renewals of Dani Parejo, Soso Feghouli and Piatti have been effectively put on hold until the previous two situations are resolved. This is where the priority shows. Despite all three having arguably there best season with the team, they seem not to be considered basic to the project.

Valencia 1 – Referees 10

Valencia yet again appealed a decision made by a referee. This time Rodrigo’s red. And yet again they were denied by the appeal committee who does not interpret that Valencia has a valid case. Imagine if you could rule a country and all the laws were so round that you could interpret the world into or out of it. Ah, it exists you say? North of Samsung probably.

4 players one card away from suspension

Diego Alves, Lucas Orban, Negredo and Feghouli are all one yellow from a well…not having to strike

The Civil War of Spanish Football threatens the league

What do you get when you mix embezzling ex-footballer with a knack for dubious management and a power hungry far-right conflict loving lawyer? Spanish Football. Mix that with a players union and a government with a history of being “nice to it’s friends” and you get an all out war. The topic of disagreement this time is the new law passed by the Spanish government to sell all TV-rights as a package rather than each club for itself.

The intention of course for such a law is to ensure equal opportunities for the teams pertaining to the leagues in question. The problem is that due to several of the clauses in the law, this equality stays a fiction. Although it can get slightly better, especially for the mid-lower end of the table in Primera, it can also get worse than it is today as far as equality is concerned. The player’s union (AFE) have shown their discontent with several points in the law and thus called for a strike from the 16th of May on-wards.

The main points they are not content with is:

  • They were not involved in giving comments to the drafted law, actually they never got to see it
  • The % destined for the Player’s union is much lower than in other countries. This is money destined to support professional players in disputes and most important for those playing at a lower level
  • They feel the 90/10 split between Primera and Segunda will only serve to increase the inequality in wages between the two leagues
  • There are some tax implications for players that will severely impact them

In addition RFEF (The Spanish FA) feel they also have not been involved, and not surprisingly Angel Villar who is the president is loosing some of his authority over the Spanish game. This is also the latest in a personal war and power struggle between him and Javier Tebas of LFP, the league.

LFP have answered to the threat of strike with reporting it as illegal to the authorities and have assured that they will take legal action to demand damages. They very well may have support for that interpretation in Spanish law.

Valencia has stated it’s discontent with strike as a means in the discussion and have joined other clubs such as Elche in instigating the parties to open dialogue. Meanwhile, captains Parejo and Barragan have manifested their support to the player’s union.

The consequences for Valencia can be quite big, if it means that the decision over a Champions League place drags out. The club maintains two different financial and transfer plans for next season, depending on whether or not CL income will grace the budget. A late entry into the market will leave Valencia in a week position when it comes to convincing new players to join, something that also cost the club last year.

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