#Chenews is back!

So, you know those days Vladimir Putin suddenly disappeared? What did he do? Well, we can not tell you what, but it is the same that we did. We also share the hobby of invasion, although as the vikings we are, we settled with a brief raid to taste the local flavors in Valencia. Now the time has come to give you all some (hopefully) sorely missed news and rumors around Valencia CF.

José Luis Gayá was robbed (as local Valencia police put it on twitter) from a national team debut by Vicente del Bosque. We have concluded that this was a part of a plan made with Florentino Pérez to relegate the left back to the U21 team where the physical coach was likely to force a strained muscle on the player central to Valencia’s title challenge. Anyways, the player is expected to be out 2-3 weeks and is declared “doubtful” for the Villarreal clash.

Ever heard of Mohs’ scale? It measures hardness. Nicolas Otamendi seems to be an object of real desire to more than one club. Manchester United, Real Madrid, even Atletico Madrid have reportedly shown interest. Well, Valencia answered clearly and loudly; Otamendi is not for sale, we will not negotiate and you can talk to the hand. If clubs thought Athletic Bilbao knew how to play hardball, they are yet to discover how hard a ball can be. Diamond hard.

Andre Gomes has also impressed for Valencia and Mourinho has noticed. Chelsea met the same answer as the above. There is and will be no negotiation for the gentleman Portuguese.

Shkodran Mustafi went to war against Australia and came back “almost with one eye less” according to media in Valencia. Ze German hard man also have several suitors, among them Dortmund, Bayern München and Tottenham if one believes British “newspapers”. You’d probably get more insight from applying Tasseography.  

A couple of years ago Valencia finally sold “Lady Gago” to Boca Juniors. Or did they really? It seems that when Gago told Valencia “I Won’t Dance“, they were “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered“. Since that, Gago has lived a “Lush Life” in Buenos Aires and thought “It Don’t Mean a Thing” that Valencia still owns 50% of the player. Now, he wants to sign a new contract. “Goody Goody” he thought, but in Valencia “They All Laughed“. Valencia are demanding that Boca pay the remaining transfer fee. Then it remains to be seen whether the clubs go “Cheek to Cheek” or if the whole thing goes “Bang Bang“! Ah, “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye“….

Goalkeeper Yoel and Central Defender Ruben Vezo looks set to leave the club at the end of the season. With a too early exit from the King’s Cup and no European football and two of the squad’s strongest players in front of them, there hasn’t been much time for the two to shine.

Renewals have been one of the most important tasks for the Sports Director, and he has succeeded with Paco Alcácer and now Javi Fuego who signed a 1+1 year contract. Next in line are Feghouli and Piatti, while Gayá seem to need some more time. I for one am sure that Zed, ehh I mean Rufete, has strong ability to convince the player:

Someone’s contract we haven’t heard a lot about lately is Dani Parejo. We think that he had a brief moment of loss of concentration and passed the papers to his cleaning lady instead of his agent.

There are a few rumors in. William Carvalho is connected to the Mendes empire and the outlets claiming Valencia is in for the signature of the youngster is growing every day. Will (….) we have a new musical reference to enjoy soon? Hopefully it works out better than the Lady.

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