Chenews April 4th: Gayá popular

Most news from Valencia this week has been about José Luis Gayá. What do you get when you have a strong performing youngster, agents seeing andre opportunity to make themselves and the player some more money and another club who needs to distract it’s fans? You get tons of rumours. Unfortunately for AS and Marca they are about as reliable as Kim Jong-un giving a lecture about how free speach is the foundation of North Korean society. Those who have proven to best know the inner workings at the club under Amadeo Salvo and Rufete have all assured that club,player and agent are all eager to iron out a new deal. Negotiations are expected to continue towards the summer. A talented player’s first big deal is known to be one of the more challenging scenarios for any sports director.

Valencia have the last week been linked to a number of players and most likely this is only the beginning of a transfer rumour frenzy which will continue until the very end of the transfer market. Let’s go through them one by one.

Giannelli Imbula: The defensive midfielder was rumoured last year and Valencia did scout the Marseille player. The recent link is most likely nothing else than a repetition of that news.

Andrei Yarmolenko: The newest rumour. Several clubs are claimed to be monitoring the winger’s situation, of which Valencia was mentioned as one. The rumour has not come from the Valencia side.

Nico Gaitán: Another long lasting rumour playing on all the business done with Benfica previously. The winger is likely to leave in the summer and it is not unlikely Valencia are actually monitoring his situation.

José Callejón: The adding of the Spanish winger’s name on the list came out of an article in Italy claiming that the player has intentions to go back to Spain in the summer. Valencia seems like a reasonable target together with Atletico who the last few days have been claimed to already have a deal in place with him. Unlikely to end up at Valencia.

Eric Cantona : Ok, this is not a new rumour but when this old story surfaced, we had to mention it. Back just after the infamous karate kick against the big mouthed Palace supporter, Valencia actually came as far as to have an exchange offer accepted. Oleg Salenko  (most/only famous for his 5 goals against Cameroon in the 94 World Cup) was to head north, while the famous 7 would join the black and whites.

Gargano: For the third summer running, the Uruguayan’s name and Valencia’s are mentioned in the same article. Di Marzio knows as much about Valencia’s transfer plans as a blind dog knows about interior design. Gargano was one of Braulio’s listedet alternatives to lady Gago several years ago.

Aleksandar Mitrovic: Talking about far fetched,  this is space travelling to Mars to get red rock for your garden. The story is that Meriton would buy the striker and loan him to Benfica, before moving him to Valencia. Well, that could be true if there wasnt less than 30 days left of third party ownership….

Cuenca: Another Braulio recycle. Mentioned both as an object of interest to Valencia and as Gaitán’s replacement when the latter goes to Valencia

Ramires: Rumoured to be leaving Chelsea in the summer. Valencia mentioned rather randomly to be a possible destination.

Lichtsteiner: Fresh rumour claiming that the right back will leave Juve and that he has been offered to Valencia

Valencia is said to be planning an improvement to Nico Otamendi’s contract to end all and any rumour around him.

Squad to face Villarreal

Alves,Yoel;Barragan,Cancelo,Mustafi,Otamendi,Gaya,Orban;Fuego,Tropi,Gomes,Parejo,Feghouli,De Paul,Piatti;Alcacer,Rodrigo and Negredo

Enzo Pérez is still struggling with his injury.

The youngster Nando, a talented right winger, has chosen to renew with Valencia despite interest from Barcelona and Real Madrid

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