#Chenews 24.04.15 – New Parejo deal still unresolved

The captain’s contract

Dani Parejo has had, in numbers, a really good season at Valencia. In addition to being chosen captain at the beginning of the season, he has been a given starter for Nuno as long as he has been fit. Before this success Valencia had made their intentions to renew the player known. Parejo has been debated among fans for a while and there are both fierce defenders and those who feel he is just not good enough. I for one think he is both as portrayed in this article. Valencia seem to be in the same dilemma and although they want the player to stay on, they do not see him as a player who is crucial to the project. That notion is reflected in the club’s offer of a new contract which seemingly is far from what the player expects.

Gayá turns poster boy and seem to stay

The left back is the break through of the season in Spain and a row of strong turn outs have made a lot of big clubs interested. Those clubs will no doubt have learnt from Amadeo Salvo’s mouth that Valencia see themselves as one of the big clubs now, and that the time when Lolo Llorente and Braulio gave away left backs for fun and pocket change is definitely over. The two parties are closing in on a deal and it seems a question of time before middle ground is found. Valencia have expectations to seal the deal before May 1st.

Piatti, Feghouli still waiting

It was said that the little Argentinean’s contract would probably be renewed already before Gayá’s, but the club seems to take it’s time. The player’s agent is still in Buenos Aires without a planned travel to Valencia. For Feghouli there has been next to no information other than the club’s intention to renew. It could be interpreted that Gayá’s contract is showing more expensive than anticipated and that this is affecting how much money is available for other contracts.

Valencia is the new favorite link

Are you a reporter? Do you need a random team, supposedly with money and an intention to buy? OR are you an agent desperate to move your player? Valencia is the answer. Or at least, so it seems to be. In the last few days, dozens of players have been rumored to be monitored by the Valencia scouts. As far as I know, we do not have scouts that can simultaneously watch Ukrainian, Spanish, English, German, Argentinean, French, Brazilian , Russian, Belgian, Turkish and Dutch leagues. But hey, at least we can dream new dreams every day. Follow them here.

Villa might not be a Valencia player anymore, but…

he is still very much a Valencia fan if we are to believe his recent interview with RadioEsport. “As a Valencia fan, I am very happy to see the development at the club and with some very big hopes for the future. I am also happy to see the fans of the club enjoying it. It is very important for someone who loves the club, like me”. Villa also praised his heirs as Valencia striker; “Alvaro Negredo is one of the most complete strikers I have played with. He will triumph, I am convinced. Paco; we already saw when I was there that he would become one of the jewels in the crown”.

Nuno’s XI

Even though Nuno this week asked the club to build some more obstacles in order to keep the journalists from seeing and revealing his starting players every week, a probable line up has already been leaked. Alves – Barragán, Otamendi,Mustafi, Gayá – Fuego, Andre,Parejo – Feghouli,Rodrigo – Paco Alcácer seem to be the chosen ones. The major uncertainty is said to be whether Cancelo or Barragán will start. Nuno is planning the next week or so with three matches included in a way that get’s the best out of the available players. That means we are likely to see rotations and we can probably expect players like Cancelo, Enzo, Piatti and Negredo playing from start in the next match.

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