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Amadeo Salvo was yesterday called to meet Peter Lim in Singapore immediately, sending the president on a 24 hour journey via Madrid and Frankfurt. He is expected to land in Singapore around 4.20pm CET. Why the meeting has been called is unclear and it is claimed not even Salvo knows the intentions. The threat of a breakdown in negotiations loomed over the meeting Salvo had with Meriton’s Lay Hoon and Kim Koh in Manchester, however, from the bank they assure that there are always ways of reaching an agreement.

Meanwhile, Lim is putting pressure in high places. If the idea was first to meet with Bankia CEO Goirigolzarri, the Singapore business man has surpassed him altogether and is considering setting up a meeting with the Spanish minister of Finance Luis de Guindos through Singapore’s Vice minister Grace Fu.

Fundación maintains that they still believe the sale process will end in an agreement, as they consider Bankia has really no other option that will guarantee them the totality of the debt repaid. Generalitat Valenciana is still monitoring the situation without interfering, but they will be in a very tricky situation if the agreement does not materialize as they will then need to repay the Fundación loan they have guaranteed. And then of course they would thereafter have to defend why they put themselves in a situation where they had to spend 90 million euros on a football club instead of schools, health and social services.

Yesterday in Valencia, about 6000 fans showed what they want to happen by supporting Peter Lim against Bankia, and following the demonstration, the organization for Valencia peñas (of which Chescandinavia is one of the members), sent out an official statement demanding that the process ended in agreement within the established timelines, “or we will call on all peñistas and the general fan base to protest against Bankia”.



Peter Lim has promised 50 million euros in this transfer window if the sale goes through in time. Half would be spent on Enzo Perez and half on a striker.

Banega is closing in on a move to Sevilla after Valencia reportedly lowered their demands to 2 million euros. The player also addmitted in an interview that he “would love to play for Sevilla”.

Viera is looking to resolve his future before the end of this week. Deportivo now seem to be the favourite to acquire his services, unless Celta sells Nolito Depor is also in doubt after a more than promising debut of newcomer Luis Fariña. Eibar and Las Palmas would have received a negative response from the player.

Vinicius is working on achieving a European passport after tracking down ancestors in Italy and Germany. His status as non-EU makes both staying and being loaned out difficult

Jonas is wanted by several clubs, now including Olympiakos.

Read the whole statement from the Organization for Valencian Peñas:

“From the APV we say ENOUGH !!!!

No more respites, no more delays.

A few months ago the process of selling our VCF began seeking the best solution aimed at finding a good social, economic and especially sportive project.

Along with the other patrons, in an act of responsibility APV voted the best option presented, PETER LIM.

If a few months ago according to the financial institution BANKIA itself, PETER LIM was best for themselves, for the Foundation and excellent for VCF, we do not understand that the purchase has not materialized.
Enough BANKIA, of delaying and hindering a process that the club members and fans of the VCF is waiting for.

APV we demand that the sale materializes on time and if it does not, we will mobilize club members (peñistas) and fans in general against BANKIA.

This APV work closely with the Board of Directors of the VCF to defend the interests of our Club.

Amunt VCF!”


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