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Summer is upon us, and while most of the talk is on transfers, there are also other interesting topics to keep tabs on! We give you the latest all summed up, right here:

Who decides?

There has been a lot of debate between fans about who really signs players for Valencia. The basis are reports in newspapers as well as the Cadena SER radio station. Some have even gone as far as to say Nuno and Rufete couldn’t stand each other and couldn’t even bring themselves to meet each other. Judging by what we have seen this week, that seems an outright lie, or at best a misplaced speculation based on not understanding how things work at the club currently. The whole debacle escalated due to the price of Joao Cancelo’s transfer.

The price of the Portuguese was 15 million euros, seemingly quite steep for a young player. Rufete had earlier said that he found the price too high and would seek to negotiate it down to about 8. Nuno and the club’s management however seemed to be willing to give the full 15 million. That fueled speculation about discrepancies – but in a normal business, who would really raise an eyebrow over two people proposing different options and a board making a decision? Rufete’s team are the ones that do the scouting, build the lists and propose the players to the manager as well as the club’s hierarchy. Then they will agree on a target. This is true for most cases. In the current Valencia scenario one must also take into account the role of the owner, Peter Lim. He owns a football team and he will want to raise the team’s profile. His trusted adviser before, during and after the sale is Jorge Mendes. Although there is no doubt the super agent plays a role at the club, don’t think for a second that a person goes from being a fisherman’s son to becoming one of his country’s richest through being easily wielded around someone’s little finger.


All through the last few weeks we have all been told transfers are on hold due to the club not being certain of it’s FFP limits. The Spanish FFP sets an expense limit for among other costs, salaries and transfer fees. The latter works in the way of transfer sum divided by number of contract years. That means f.ex. Joao Cancelo will draw salary plus 15/6= 2,5 million a season.

Valencia have now been told that this limit is 98 million euros, about 25 million more than last year’s. This is mostly due to an under the assumption that the team qualifies for the CL group stage. The budget limit remains at 98 million anyways, but the lost income of not qualifying must then be made up for before June 30th 2016. The local newspapers have calculated that the renewals, transfers and possible final transfers of Rodrigo and Andre Gomes would all together draw 20 of the 25 million increase, something which leaves very little room for movement in the market.

Valencia does have some aces up their sleeves though. The club can increase the income (i.e. through a main sponsorship deal), it can delay the actual transfer of Rodrigo/Andre, sell players or finally there is also room for a maximum of 5 million deviance that will be accepted by LFP.



There is really not much new in the Otamendi case. Valencia has not received any bid. With the player busy at the Copa America, it was rumored that agent Eugenio López was planning a visit to the city to talk to club management. Probably, he should have thought of that before going to Amadeo Salvo’s least favorite Radio station (the ignored Cadena SER) and do Amadeo Salvo’s least favorite thing (pressuring the club through launching threats and accuse him of lying). The consequence of that insolence is that he will meet a closed Mestalla club office. At least closed to him. Instead he will be pointed to Paterna where Rufete or Ayala will discuss with him out of courtesy. The answer and bottom line remains of course; it is 50 million euros.

Midfielder (Imbula)

Valencia have made it their priority to sign a midfielder. We all thought it would be someone who could be a substitute or starter ahead of Javi Fuego, but instead Nuno and Rufete plan to add another generalist, “todocampista” or box-to-box man. The name of course is Gianelli Imbula of Marseille. Yesterday Rufete, Salvo and the club’s financial responsible traveled to Madrid, stepping up negotiations with Marseille over the 20 million euro rated man. It is expected that this will be Valencia’s next signing and maybe already next week.


Valencia have a pretty clear idea what they want; either a “type Reina” with experience from European competition or a type “Rulli” who is young, but with experience from La Liga and with potential. The first seems more likely, even though it is reported that Valencia will give Rulli a last try. Kiko Casilla proved too expensive, and apart from that there are not too many in that type. Another one that seem rather discarded is Roberto, after Olympiakos have maintained firm on their 8 million demands. Valencia’s tactic is to observe the market and wait for the right opportunity, which might appear if David de Gea starts a domino effect by going to Real Madrid.


Not much is known about what kind of player this will be. There has been talk about a range of players from Lavezzi, via Konoplyanka to Nolito. One thing we do know is that the latter was offered to Valencia in December and again this spring, but that Valencia find his 18 million valuation too high. Valencia have shown an interest for the player’s situation, but have discarded the opportunity for the current price.


The striker is another one of the the top 5 priorities, and probably the last one. Most of the local insiders suspect this is Peter Lim’s desire and that this might be solved the Mendes way. Jackson, Chicharito and lastly Jonathas have been linked.

Central Defender

This is a position Valencia want to strengthen because they plan to dedicate Orban to the left back. This is not the first position to strengthen and will depend on opportunities in the market. If Otamendi finally leaves however, it will become the first priority, with Ezequiel Garay probably at the top of the list.


Parejo, Piatti and Feghouli have been awaiting the FFP to know what kind of salary Valencia can offer. The two first are not expected to be issues, while some report that Dani Parejo’s renewal has hit yet another road block, and that the player could be considering seeing out his contract.

Balkan rumors

Several young players from Serbia and Croatia have been rumored to be near a transfer to Valencia, but with the current FFP limits it is difficult to see how Valncia would fit in an investment in youth talent around and above 10 million euros.

National Team

Paco Alcácer was the only Valencia player in action for Spain against Puerto Rico and rewarded Del Bosque with a goal for his faith in Valencia’s number 9. Gayá did part take in the preparations but has an uphill battle winning a spot ahead of Alba and Bernat.

Ian Cathro

The Nuno assistant has decided to leave the club due to “personal issues”. The Scottish coach is rumored to be in the running for the Rangers manager job.

Summer Plans


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