Chenews – 10.04.2015

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Teixeira Vitienes and his assistant a.k.a. The blind and the blinder.

Valencia were left in shock and rage as the refereeing team once again let the team down against Athletic Bilbao. The referee let himself be led astray by the home crowd following a clash of feet between Mikel San José and Nicolás Otamendi. In a situation where a free-kick could have gone either way and which he could easily have let it pass or given a yellow; instead he chose to cause a stir. The Spanish referees’ eagerness to be the center of attention seem to have no boundaries. Nuno and Amadeo Salvo both slated the ref for his team’s performance and used the opportunity to rally fans and team around a common cause. The club has submitted a complaint over the sending off and expect the player to be available against Levante. Although it is like asking Kim-jong Un to give you a pat on the back after slapping him with a white glove – let’s at least hope.

The Gayá saga

The injured left back has been the center of attention in the rumour mill for a while now. Marca, the well oiled propaganda machine of a certain club in all white this week turned to a 22 year-old intern to spread the latest claim that the player has agreed a deal with Madrid. The club has now admitted that the remaining issue is the buyout clause. The club want a deterring number of euros, while the player’s agent stands firm on no more than 25 million euros. Everything though indicates that player and club are both agreeing on one thing; the intention is to sign a new deal.

“Money Honey”

Another saga, that of the lady Gago is also continuing. Boca Juniors are struggling with money and Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) is their answer to Valencia call for “Money Honey”. Valencia has denied Boca’s attempts to offer players and have asked the “Government Hooker” (FIFA) to intervene. “Don’t Give Up“.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Valencia are looking for a right winger to compete with Feghouli for next season and the names are flying passed daily. As in  Sergio Leone’s classic movie, there is several protagonists. Andrei Yarmolenko (Blondie – a.k.a. The Good) impressed many playing for his Ukraine against Spain and Valencia has been mentioned as one of the clubs looking at the player. Pedro (Angel Eyes a.k.a. The Bad) was this week heavily linked with….pretty much any team known to man. Pundits have raised the question though, whether anyone would be willing to match Barcelona’s price tag of 20 million for a player some characterize as, well, bad. Lavezzi (The Ugly) is another name that just wont disappear from the paper columns. It was back half a year where Rufete in a conversation with a journalist used Lavezzi as the example of the type of winger they sought. Valencia’s reports on him though are said to be rather….hm…ugly. No interest now.

Broken plates

It wasn’t only Vitienes’ hapless refereeing that ruined the night for Valencia yesterday. Pablo Piatti was also “broken” after pulling a muscle in his right thigh halfway through the first half. It is not yet known how long the little big man will be out.

Negotiations for Cancelo

Valencia have initiated talks to keep Joao Cancelo at the club. Despite having to play a secondary role to Antonio Barragan, the player has impressed Nuno and Rufete and the hope is that Benfica will reduce there demands (enter Jorge Mendes?). The player has indicated his desire to stay at Mestalla.

Salvo: “Valencia will not break any FIFA regulation”

Amadeo Salvo this week moved to deny that Valencia had an interest in LFP’s desire to not prohibit third party ownership. Salvo claimed that “Valencia has no interest in that, as we have no players owned by third parties”. Thus, Salvo confirms what was said during the sale process, that economic rights of players Rodrigo and Andre Gomes would be transferred from Meriton once the sale was formally completed. Joao Cancelo is, contrary to popular belief, not owned by Meriton who did have an option on the right back.


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