Announcement of General Assembly 2016

The board of Penya Chescandinavia hereby call for this year’s General Assembly Friday the 18th of March at 19:19 in Valencia and online for members not present.

This is the yearly meeting where members meet to get the current status of the Penya, it’s finances and where any proposals are treated. It is also where the board is approved for another year. We plan to make the meeting attendable also online but will have to come back with the details.

Note that you may delegate your vote, notifying the board at before the 11th of March with full name of member and full name of delegate.

Any topics you want added to the agenda should be submitted as soon as possible to the same mail address.

The agenda will be:


1 Opening of General Assembly


2 Selection of meeting comittee




Count of attendees with votes

Members attending have the right to vote at the assembly. Votes can also be delegated by written approval to with name of member and name of delegate.

4 Approval of Agenda

5 Approval of call for meeting

6 Current state of affairs /Planned activities 2016


7 Financial state

7.1 Closing of Nordea bank account


8 Approval of accounts 2015

9 Naming of board

9.1 Re-election of current board members

9.2 Additional members of the board

10 Approval of new members

11 Decision on membership fees

12 Proposal to withdraw as a member from Agrupación de Penyas Valencianistas

Background information: Whether or not to remain in APV

Reasons to stay in APV:

  • The Penya will remain official
  • The Penya has the right to 4 (four) tickets to cup finals and away matches in Europe
  • Membership card with % off in Valencia’s physical stores
  • Risk of negative impact on relationship with club

Reasons to leave

  • Expensive yearly quote of 85 euros
  • Ticket help limited to giving a message to the ticket office, price and the time we get allocated tickets are the same as if we bought online ourselves
  • Bureaucratic process to achieve tickets, a lot of mails and manual procedures
  • Membership cards are difficult to get and rarely used at stores
  • The need to have a right to tickets not used since 2008 ( cup final)


  1. Stay in APV
    • Continue as before
  2. Silent withdrawal
  3. Actively pull out and have unofficial contact with the club
    • Depend on personal relationships
    • Not official anymore (if club insists in taking it away)
  4. Try to unite international penyas to ask for a different solution, dealing directly with the club
    • Opportunity to stay official without dealing with APV

13 Change of statutes

13.1 Change of statute 4.5 and 4.6 to better suit the practical reality of the general assembly. Reduce submission time to 1 week before, in line with 4.3 call for assembly sent 15 days before.

13.2 Change to statute 3.1 on Honorary members. Remove requirement for 10 members to support the inclusion of an honorary member and open up for proposals from any member to be treated by the General Assembly, or by the Board.

13 Topics from members

14 Plan for the next year


14 Other Questions

16 Meeting concluded

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